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[EN] The Proclamation of the Unification of Romania, First December 1918 - Iuliu Maniu, translated by Elena Costea

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(RO: Proclamarea Unirii: 1 Decembrie 1918 - Iuliu Maniu)

If we look in the past at the sufferings of the Romanian people, if we look at the shed blood, we do not know how we can thank God for having given to our generation, the possibility of experiencing this raising moments. In these great moments, we will be extremely dedicated to the periods we are living. The national merit is judged in conformity with the wisdom, sense and in conformity with the spiritual evolution, with which the precise decisions created to build the destiny of the people, are brought.

We feel as well as a blind man who for ten years has not seen the light of the day, and who after a miracle given by God his eyes are open and he can see the holly light of the sun. We are here the eyes of the people who are seeing today the light of the people’s liberty. Before taking some important decisions, we should prove our devotion to those who have helped this light to rove through the clouds. This are the courageous men from the glorious Romanian army, guided by their great Captain King Ferdinand. I can not speak more until we worship in front the dead persons and then in front of living people who have struggled very much for the fulfillment of the unifying ideal of the Romanian people.

History has taught us that we should not expect anything from the strange emperors or from the sons of other people, but from our own power. The truth that guides us now, is the only force that may hold us in the future, is the force derived from the Unification of all the Romanian people.

What I should still add here, is that in order to achieve the belief in us, we need to know that Unification of all the Romanian people is a necessity for our whole life. This Unification is a Unification of the Romanians from everywhere, and for this Unification we have the right to pretend everything on the bases of our national unitary being. All of us have the same tradition and the same aspirations. In which way may be prevented this utopian Unification to be real, this Romanian Nation to be only one body and soul?

All the people have now told that each people should represent a state, and only in this way, they could contribute to the progression of the world civilization, in conformity with its’ own features. Mainly, we, who are Romanian people from the region of Ardeal are right to demand this Unification, because here, it is the essence of the specific Romanian feeling. Only such a cruelty may lead to the separation and to the division of the fireplace and of the essence of our specificity when all three others are unified. The Areal should be a whole part from the body of the Romanian nation. Apart of the desire to get close to our mother’s sole, all the scientific and sociological arguments emphasize the correctness of our claiming, and they have made the Great Romania. Your acclamations, with which you have confronted the resolution project which was read to you, show our lively desire which is also our cultivated desire of the people around us. But nothing can prevent us to fulfill this desire. We should demand the incorporation as rapidly as possible and for eternity, in a state of all the Romanians.

When we want to achieve our ideal, we do not meet only friends, but we meet a lot of people who want sincerely and with all their resources our Unification. In order to eliminate al doubts of the strange people concerning what we want to do with our Unification and our national freedom, the great national Romanian council declares that he does not want emperor of oppression and we do not want to become those who oppress instead of a People who was oppressed. We want to assure the freedom for everybody, and the progress for all the participant people.

Our great national council wants to stress here that we do everything in conformity with the old saying: what you do not like, do not make to another one. We want to be on a free throne on the land of Romania and we want national liberty for everybody. We want our nation to be capable of using its’ own language language, to be able to demand justice also in its own language.

We ourselves, would have cried seeing how our language was eliminated from schools, churches, justice, we will not steal it from other people. We will not take the opportunity of life from other people. We do not want to survive due to effort of other people because we can live from our merit and through our power and from our work. Only through a democratic regime, we can support our Romanian country, mainly when we have to take into account the modern state demands. Only having a regime of rights and liberties, we would have the courage to make our country be credible abroad. The full liberty of all the social states is a warranty for the well-fare of the country. That’s why, the national Romanian Council has in its project a paragraph which is speaking about the fulfillment of the democratic regime.

We are a People of peasants. All we see before us, people in black clothes and open-minded persons, have their origin in the Romanian people. No one can tell that his origin is not from the Romanian plough and from the Romanian land, from where he derives his belief in the future. That is why the great national state demands un agrarian radical law, to be able to divide the land of the peasants in order to help this peasant class, which is the necessary force for a stronger country.

One of the troubles from the structure of our nation is that our industry, and the commerce are not developed. We should have not only a international independence but also economical independence, to have everything derived from our power and from our work. We should give all the liberties to that class which would contribute to the development of our industry and of our commerce. The sufferings of the class of craftsmen and of the workers from the western, the struggles in which we are involved, place us in the position of knowing what measures should be taken from a early period for the progression of that class of craftsmen and of workers. We should have a profit from the experiences of the other people and we should try to make social structure of the Romanian people correspond to the present demands of history.

We should then take into account the main features of a tradition. That is why, the great national council has decided that by the time of the meeting of the members a temporary autonomy should be given, so that, this transition may be done without difficulties, because in 2 or 3 days, it is not possible to make a perfect balance in the judiciary and in the administrative organization.

Our nation can not loose the general creation of the humanity. We should tell ourselves the truth also in this aspect, asking that in the great and international relations we should not dominate the rigidity of a Romanian sovereignty but we should put in practice the universal brotherhood and through an international jury we want to prevent in the future the collisions with arms.

We congratulate the people From Bucovina, brothers who have suffered the same yoke, and who now has unified with Romania.

Together with the Romanian people, other people have suffered the same judge: the Czechs, Slovaks and the polish. We should understand that their intense struggle for their independence and for their international emancipation had been a proper example for us. Their experiences, their events, heroes, were for us some examples of raising and support in order to go on the same way, to fulfill our dream. We should thus remind them and to send them a sweet greeting wanting for them the whole happiness.

We have to bring thanks to the glorious armies of Antanta and to its diplomats.

It is a duty for us to congratulate this alliance of the nations of Antanta.

Please, receive a year in our project of resolution. This project shows the path on which we can touch our ideal and we can build a great and United Romania, which can be one for eternity, and in which the spirit of a pure democracy and of a social justice may be achieved.

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