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[EN] Preface "Confession and Document", Volume II, translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu - Mărturie și document, volumul II - Martiri și Eroi, partea I

(RO: Prefaţă "Marturie şi document" vol. II, p. I)


What excites me the most, in front of the biografies of the ex romanian prisoners, (in any case, in front of the biografies similar with his one, -sellected by Ticu Dumitrescu in this book, of ellective afinities and of union in suffering) ,is their incredible, almost unnatural capacity to determine their destiny. No matter how paradoxicaly it seems, these people who have lost their youth,health and sometimes their life in prisons, who had been beaten, tortured and humbled in prisons, who had been the victims of all the monstrusities of repression, are in a greater measure the authors of their destiny, more than those who had accepted the conditioned liberty and who had accepted the opportunistic compromises necesary for their survival. But this thing was not only because they had had the power and the courage to struggle against the Evil in a volontary and defiant way, but also because during many years of unimaginable pressures, want and tortures, they had firmly stayed true to their ideas, to the struggle, and also they never accepted to be treacherous, and mainly to be treacherous in front of themselves. They were in the same time heroes and apostles of our epoch and as Eugen Ionesco had said, about Rcmus Radina, this exceptional and strong human models managed to be winnners although at first they were victims and because their force to dedicate themselves to their idea and to risk their life for those beliefs and abstract ideas, was beyond the capacity of understanding and beyond the executors’ reaction, who in the worst case, could have killed them but in any case, they could not persuade them to accept another truth. Being presented on the background of the dark decades they had experienced, the author and the characters of this book, get a romantic and knightly dimenssion, and they are ready to risk their life, to be historicaly known, and all these, for their country, justice and honnor. Here is a list of concepts for which by now, the young people, 50 years ago, did not hesitate to risk their life, and also unfortunately those concepts have less and less significance for the young people of nowadays.

But is it possible that this holly concepts are not understood because the destinies of the people who have made them meaningful and who have given them significant content are not known?

Is it possible that discovering the history they are comming from, the young generations may find the so-needed models?

Thinking in this way, this book is a book of culture, a present offered by the President of the ex political prisoners Associations, for those people who need some models in order to continue their life. These dramatic and extraordinary destinies will be able to pass through the ignorance of the consumerist society and if those people are able to come and to impress the mind and the heart of the young people, the book will be representative not only for the past but also for the future.

Ana Blandiana

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