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[EN] Motivation, translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la Despre noi, Contacte

(RO: Motivatie)
(FR: Motivation)


On the 20th may 2007, Corneliu Coposu would have been 93 years old.

The lines below are motivated by the suitable observation of T.C Zarojeanu in his book “The life of Corneliu Coposu”.


PS.: After a decade, an ordinary search on the internet with Corneliu Coposu sent about 12000 links. Most of them refer to the street, boulevard or market Corneliu Coposu, being a lot of demands and real-estate offers.

Today we can say that the well-known name Corneliu Coposu has a important place on the internet.

We hope that the citation from the book of Mr. T.C. Sarojanu would be modified in the next edition of the book.

Together with the members of the foundation “Corneliu Coposu” and with those who had given material from their own archives (M. Ciumara, C. ionascu, M. Barcan, M. Cicerone, P. Lazarescu, etc…) we tried to create a page worthy of this great name: „The Senior”.

We are open to all sort of collaboration that may contribute to the information and dates on our site.

Webmaster Fulger Cristian

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