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[EN] Fragment - "A Big Fellow", translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la "Din țara sârmelor ghimpate", Memorii de Cicerone Ionițoiu

(RO: Fragment - "Un munte de om")

The celebration has been arranged in the ARO room, that was too small for such a reunion, for the so called famous gathering “Marcata Adunare”, where the refugees from Bucharest were going to be present in order to help the young man.

I have managed together with the refugees group of students from the students’ home to come into the cinema where there was a specific Romanian atmosphere, and all people were singing patriotic songs and were strongly telling “we want our Ardeal”. In a moment, there was silence, and people were silently telling that Maniu was coming. I was on the balcony and all the people were excited, being obviously curious to see Maniu. A world man who had difficulty in walking appeared, but he was helped by a big fellow who was taller and fatter and you have the impression he was guiding him up.

We have asked around who was the big fellow. Ciisiu student in veterinary medicine told me that the big fellow was Corneliu Coposu, Maniu’s secretary. So, this was the first meeting at a first glance with Cornel, a meeting that after many years would be consolidated going side by side, starting from the prison of military court and passing through the terror of communism and finally managing to recreate the party under neocomunists. But now, I start again with the first meeting from 1 December 1943 Cornel Coposu has accompanied Iuliu Maniu in the strong cheers of the audience which were continuously telling in a extravagant way “we want our Ardeal” and these cheers have continued until Cornel Coposu helped Maniu to sit down in a chair from the first term, and all this time, Iuliu Maniu was passing on the main corridor, accompanied by the greetings of the people. He has just sat down, and the audience started crying: we want Maniu to speak. And the audience had asked this thing for many minutes. And he was standing up and was greeting the people who wanted him to speak. 10 minutes later, I understood that this manifestation was against marshal Ion Antonescu. In the end, someone has stood up, and has come towards the scene in order to speak. I was then informed that the man who was speaking was the famous historian Zevovie Pâc1iseanu, but more faimous for his position of exsecretary in the Albaiulia’s meeting when the unification of Transilvania with Romania was proclaimed.

The conference was extraordinary, and for many times during the conference the name of Maniu was repeated, and the audience was standing up, and telling strongly that they want Maniu speak. For many and many times, this habbit has been repeated. When the conference has been ended Maniu has stood up and, as a great surprise, the big fellow appeared, who was helping Maniu in the cheers of the audience. Cornel Coposu has continued his mission of being Maniu’s adviser and the young people and mainly the students have continued to follow the desires of people who never makes mistakes, suffers as much as necessary and is related to ancestors and to their land.

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