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[EN] The final criminal list of Corneliu Coposu, translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la Biografie, Acte personale

(RO: Fişă matricolă penală - Corneliu Coposu)
(FR: Fiche de casier judiciaire – Corneliu Coposu)

Coposu Cornel (1914–1995) — jurist and politician for the Christian Democratic Party of the Peasants.

The ex political and personal secretary of Iuliu Maniu. Between 23 august and 6 November he was office director for the Presidency of the Minister Council, and in 1946 he become a general secretary –assistant of P.N.T. Decorated with the honor legion“of France” h e was president of P.N.T.C.D. In the period of 1989-1995,

And he was arrested in 14 July 1947 and and boarded as all the leaders of P.N.T.

In the list of prisoner, we can found the sentence number 876-1955 of the militarry tryel from Bucarest, in which he is condemned for 15 eayrs of prison for the intensified activity against working class.”

He was arrested in the military prisons Mailmalson and Uranus,he has passed through the prison of Vacaresti, Piteesti, Craiova, Jilava, Gherla, Aiud, Sighet and Ramnicusarat andhe was also in Ghencea camps Canal and Popesti-Leordeni.

He was freed in 9th of july 1962 and for he was in huse arrest at Rubla village. near Braila.

The criminal record

The Institute for the communist crime research

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