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[EN] Good-bye, translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la 11-XI-1995 †, Special

(RO: Rămas bun)

The annexe

Good-bye Mr. Coposu

Amsterdam, November, 1995

It just happened that in my lecture of the Romanian history from today, 13 November, for the students from the Romanian department of the university of Amsterdam, I had to tell some essential things about the National Party from Ardeal, Iuliu Maniu and PNTCD. While I was speaking, I was conscious of the terrible thing that I can not speak about Mr. President in the present tense as I usually do and now I can only speak about Mr. Coposu in the past tense. Unexpectedly, he has passed in another world, and he is now in a world we call history, where we see him joining the person he has never abandoned, Iuliu Maniu. Corneliu Coposu has a clear position in history, because he knew how to resist it, because he never accepted the communist and post communist horrors. He comes into history because he told it no, when most of us were silenced. Corneliu Coposu represent that part of Romania that hasn’t been conquered. I cannot resist the deepest sorrow that Mr.’ Coposu is not behind his office, where he used to stay, smoking more and more cigarettes, always calm and listening to everyone silent and joyful, in his manner of being above all historical events, invincible.

Mr. President, by leaving this world, you have let us with the feeling that our origins and our strong background have totally disappeared. You came from a world I never had the chance to know, but witch I love because I met you. And also because you have proved me that this world is for ages and will always exist. Right now, we are not talking about the past, but we speak about that purity, honesty, dignity and strength which thanks to you, are associated to Romania. Through your departure, leaves now a great human being.

The hollow you leave behind, we will not be able to fill.

We will try with all our forces to reduce, but we will try not to fall under the horrors of history.

Sorin Alexandrescu
Professor University of Amsterdam
legal adviser of Romania for the Christian democratic party, in Holland

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