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Corneliu Coposu is the exceptional symbol of resistence to the oppressive system, the politician who has never abandoned the principles and his axiologic beliefs. Overnamed (the Senior), Coposu has struggled continuously for the democratic ideals whose necessity he has understood better than anyone else, in an undisguised way, and also in a way who has never appeared to be forced, but natural.

In decembre 1989, in Romania there were 2 authentic politicians: Ion Iliescu and Corneliu Coposu. Around the 2 politicians were structured the two camps who represented the most important political poles in the first decade of 20th century. Coposu and Iliescu were the only political persons who have entertained with ability the perception that they have not obteined a function, but that they were selected rightly and by merit for this position. In comparison with Ion Iliescu (who has a contentious position, on the reason of the lying concerning revolution), Corneliu Coposu was beyond any suspicion of following a personal interest.

Coposu had also a extremely pragmatic quality. He has understood that PDSR could not have been destroyed only with un anticommunist message and he also considered that a fragmentary position is totally powerless. Thus he succeded in putting together at that moment the existent movements against FSN t,he refuse of the recent past and the pro-west attitude under the same umbrella: The Democratic Convention. By means of suitable negociations he has maintained the unity of the Convention and he has imposed himself as a leader of the opposing parties.

Even more, he has found a good profit in the PNL departure from the “Convention” in 1992 for promoting the interests of the party from which he took part “PNTC” (party who becomes later the motor for this alliance). In the end, but perhaps the most important thing, he has had the capacity not t candidate for an official executive position.

After the failure concerning the election from 1990, the “Democratic Convention” (Conventia democrata) wil be created. One of the creators of this structure had been Corneliu Coposu. The CDR will be the ground for the political evolution of PNTCD in the next period. The anti-communist struggle would become the main point of this alliance. The decision taken by Radu Campeanu to divide PNL from CDR before the election from 1992 let a free opportunity for PNCTD to revendicate the leadership of CDR and to assume the main responsabilities which were derived from those.

Corneliu Coposu has noticed this opportunity ands has promoted PNTCD as the main party of this alliance.

He promoted Emil Constantinescu as a candidate for presidential elections ,refusing other well-known personalities: Nicolae Manolescu ( well-known in the literary critique).

Corneliu Coposu started to enforce the discourse against communism. Ion Iliescu became the main target of CDR’s offence against communism. In time, CDR has started to enforce as a realist political solution, as a serious alternative to PDSR. The integration of Romania in the European structure, the reconciliation with the Royal House, the retrocession of the seized estates by communists represents a f only a few political ideas of Corneliu Coposu, which obviously contributed to the impregnation of a modern spirit he has never given up.

Deliberately or not, Corneliu Coposu has built an image of himself which can only be summed up in one word: “The martyr”. This image (derived from the painful experiences he had in prison) made Corneliu Coposu become one of the most important political myths in democratic Romania. In opposition with Ion Iliescu, Corneliu Coposu was a vertical character with religious convictions, supporting the historical tradition and a promoter of morality in the politycs. As much as cinical as this may seem, his image as martyr was completed through his death. That moment brought together both his supporters and his enemies.

In this moment, the image of the Senior is the only product of the Romanian politics after the revolution who creates sympathy and respect and that is without contesting opinions.

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