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[EN] Corneliu Coposu (Declaration made for Rompress Agency), translated by Elena Costea

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(RO: Corneliu Coposu (declaraţie facută agenţiei Rompres))
(FR: Corneliu Coposu (déclaration faite á l'Agence Rompres))

I hope that now when the electoral period has ended, we shall start a new epoch, who is preferred to be for reconciliation and stabilization. Unfortunately, our previsions will be clarified, although I consider that the constitution of the new Government is very difficult to be done. This event has produced a disorder, because being the expression of a numerous electorate, FSN will have the task to create the Government. If the Democratic Convention from Romania had won the election, she would have the task to elaborate the new executive power, with great chances for democracy, for a real privatization and economical integration in the market economy. At this moment, unfortunately, I see the impossibility of any collaboration with investors from abroad. We hope that the things would be clarified, although I consider difficult the constitution of the new Government.

However, the anticipatory elections are not desired, because there will appear new electoral confrontations on one side, and on the other side, great costs.

I believe that we can not come back, and even if or integration in the provisioned options would be late, we have to go further. We can not think at all at the revival of Communism and also we can not think at a possible option for a totalitarian society, even if that society would have another form.

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