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[EN] CNSAS: Corneliu Coposu’s Activity - The second step, translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la Securitate și securiști

(RO: CNSAS - Fişă COPOSU CORNEL - etapa a II-a)

All Coposu Cornel’s activities will be again investigated, following to make clear the illegal activities in which Coposu was involved or about the ones he was informed, trying to get his exposure and to determine him to adopt a right attitude for the Romanian state. He would be also interrogated concerning the new aspects registered in T.O. which conclude that he accepted to meet with Moinar Augustin in order to discuss the P.N.T.’s concerning Transilvania. Coposu Cornel was involved and had knowledge about the existence of all channels of P.N.T’s subvention coordinated by Ratiu Ion from outside. There will be cronologically treated.

Therefore in the second part of September 1987, both Coposu and KLAPS discussed for the last time with the embassy of England and clarifies Puiu and Ratiu Ion’s actions. The actions were supposed to have a higher degree of risk or in any case, they may be have qualified as being an act of espionage. On the 8.11,1987 Coposu Cornel has a discussion with KLAPS about the list of the other ten persons:


These people were going to be financed by Ratiu Ion with money and other types of subventions and those subventions were going to be sent to the adresses Coposu was going to sendin England. Coposu would be announced that KLAPS has already informed us about this things.

He has given important sums of money taken from X and he gave it to Y. He was helped in this matter by his wife and by another person. From the declarations of X, we have concluded that he was going to receive that sum of money from abroad. In 4 january 1948, x has invited y and the invitation was intermediated by Z. From the coroboration of the used methods registered in T.O. We have concluded that she has invited that person over at her place, in order to send a message to Coposu Cornel. From T.O we conclude that in 15 january 1988, Coposu Cornel has gone to Y, where he was informed about the message of X.

Thus Coposu Cornel told that the reason for which X did not receive the permission of travelling in France, was not related to the fact that X has sold his house intuiting that this situation was created concerning Y.

(B) From here, results that x was being looked for. And Y has tried to persuade him to give his written agreement together with Muresanu, against the truth that the receipts of 50 and 2000 lei have been sent by Ratiu Ion. This thing shows that Y was aware that the sum received from Ratiu Ion was given for the subversives activities of PNT. In the same way, concerning Coposu Cornel’s reaction at his juridical interrogation, from February present year, had been noticed that in conformity with T.O. „UTOPICUL” from 18.02. in a discussion with his sisters, he said with a fatalistic and incriminatory meaning “

If they want, they can consider you to be guilty, for no matter what. Here, we can not discuss that they can not find guilty individuals without any reason.” Also, the conviction and the fact that this is the person we are looking for, has resulted from the T.O. „UTOPICUL” from 29.02. On the same tendencies, we have remarked the discussion of Corneliu Coposu with X from 3 march 1948. We will try to accuse X and Y, drawing out the necessary elements from T.O. In order to avoyed the disclosure of the used methods.

He will be explained that his facts may be considered as “mission of denunciation”, for the treacherous infringement of secrets’ disclosure.

As it has resulted from T.O. „UTOPICUL” from 6.03.

X has talked to Y in order to intermediate the present meeting with y well-known for his nationalist and irredentist attitudes and activities.

These aspects are known from X who was imprisoned and Y would be then interrogated in order to use the present declarations. The discussion’s tone will be strict, showing that the trust and the preferential attitude which the authorities have had concerning him, are not justified and he will understand probably that he has no chance to organize something else against the state authorities because everything is known and forbidden long time before someone’s attempts.

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