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[EN] The word of President of PNŢ-CD, mr. Corneliu Coposu - Miting Ploieşti 21.05.1991, translated by Elena Costea

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(RO: Cuvântul Preşedintelui PNŢ-CD, dl. Corneliu Coposu - Miting Ploieşti 21.05.1991)
(FR: Le mot du président du PNT-CD, M. Corneliu Coposu – Meeting Ploieşti 21.05. 1991)

We are here to note a year of lies, of insolvency and poverty. The government of impostors that have confiscated from our young generation the revolution and have engaged to fill a program to get rid Romania of deadlock has failed. All their actions have ended with a failure. The shops are empty. Romania’s prestige outside the country is totally destroyed. We represent a conception signed in the history of our tradition. Real democracy, illuminated patriotism, social justice and Christian ethics. We have not discovered the democracy after revolution. In order to save the democratic institutions, we have suffered hundreds of years of prison. The most valuable of us died under the walls of prisons. We do not promote a circumstantial patriotism; we have patriotism and real love for our country in our hearts. We do not receive lessons of democracy from nobody and mainly not from those who had been the slaves of dictatorship. We demand that all the legislation inspired from the period of communism to be abrogated, and we consider the abdication of the king to be void and we demand the refund of all the rights and of all the goods abusively confiscated by the communist power. We ask for a refund of all the rights forbidden during the dictatorship. We have another choice for the country in order to pass beyond the headlock. This government that cannot enjoy support in the country and credibility abroad, and marks time, is not able to overcome the crisis. We have asked and we ask again un independent government that can assure free election and that can replace this parliament, that is not representative at all. I believe in un authentic parliament, our country would manage to gain credibility abroad and balance in its’ frontiers. Together we will manage to do everything and side by side, animated by the feeling of love for our country and by the desire to be free, happy, we will be able to pull down the nomenclature which now has the leading position of our country.

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