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[EN] Today, there are 15 years from the death of Corneliu Coposu, translated by Elena Costea

Înapoi la 15 ANI

(RO: Astăzi se împlinesc 15 ani de la moartea lui Corneliu Coposu - Deutsche Welle, 11.11.2010)
(FR: Aujourd'hui il ya 15 ans de la mort de Corneliu Coposu – Deutsche Welle, 11.11.2010)

The leader of the National Peasant Party around whom all the democratic opposition have joined after December 1989, has left today from the Romanian public life as a definitive moral guide.

Corneliu Coposu is not officially commemorated and does not benefit from the official celebration but he continues to struggle despite of this public ignorance in order to be evoked with a intense insistence. And what is more characteristic is that the national peasant Senior benefits mainly from the appreciation of the middle class, of some people of middle condition who represent in fact the basic background of a civilized society. The public personalities from nowadays, the voices so called significant voices, are enough careful and do not determine themselves to present their eulogiums to Corneliu Coposu. There is a great disproportion between the veneration of some personalities and the restriction of the others.

Concerning the official environments and groups, it was easy to foresee after the breaking of the democratic convention that they will prefer to ignore the remembrance of Corneliu Coposu but after the official condemnation of communism it would have been shown that the great figures of the struggle against communism, did not receive public honors. This thing did not happen and it is absolutely wondering to see today, that we speak more, with the intention of the historical clarification by the ecumenists more than bourgeois who have payed with their life or with difficult ears of prison.

What is significant is that also the parties of right are not very tired in order to remember Corneliu Coposu although they have not lost the occasion to bring omages to Traian Basescu on his birthday. Of course, a good part of Basics-s party, with some intellectuals prefer to keep the silence having a concrete resentment perhaps the members of PNTCD as few as they are, are now in opposition.

All these observations are significant because they present the picture of a deeply divided society in which we do not have a elementary agreement on what is really important.

What was really impressive in the personality of Corneliu Coposu was not his physical aspects or his discourse sooner monotone and less of seduction but his capacity of keeping in his consciousness al his convictions and also his principles. Although the surroundings elements are changed, the Romanian society need now more than ever some personalities as Corneliu Coposu.

Author: Horratiu Pepine
Editor: Lautrentiu Diaconu Bolintineanu
11 November, 2010, Deutsche Welle

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